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Victoria Black

I am a big proponent of team sports, so I think it’s cool that women who support and play in our Sun City softball league are working together to raise funds and paddling for those who have been affected by cancer in our local community. Cancer has affected at least 3 of my immediate family members, many close friends and their families, and people in our Sun City Community, so I want to paddle for them too.

18 Replies to “Victoria Black”

  1. Amanda S. donated 25.00 :We love you and the inspiring example you set for the kids, Aunt Vick! xoxo, Amanda & Pat

  2. Barbara Le May donated 20.00 :Victoria, we are so proud of you and your teammates who are supporting this cause. Makes our hearts smile to realize there are so many amazing people who always make a difference in the lives of people who struggle each and every day in order to survive. Love ya, Barb and Greg Le May

  3. Ellen Jones donated 50.00 :Paddle hard and have fun! I’m proud of you for fighting this disease

  4. Mary Kay Falise donated 50.00 :I am dedicating this to my Momma – June Falise – who will be rowing with you making you laugh and feeding you junk when you are done!!

  5. KAREN GAUGHAN donated 50.00 :Have a good race Gals! Hugs to all the survivors!

  6. MK Montgomery donated 50.00 :All family and friends who have fought this disease and the strong women running this DragonBoat race!
    Mary Kay