Captains Update Tent Challenge 2

Hello Paddlers!

The “Challenge” is still on! You have until tomorrow Monday, June 6th, midnight to get those donations in and claim that “Primo Tent” location.

$5,000 was the Goal!

Here are the latest standings as of today for the top five:

1.   Beaufort Believers $3,545

2.   Swamp Dragons $3,195

3.   Parrot Heads $2,890

4.   Coosaw Point Fighting Squirrels $2,875

5.   Dragonflies $2,780

“Let’s make it interesting!”

Beaufort Believers and Swamp Dragons already have a primo tent location due to being the top fundraisers last year. If any other team can out donate the first two positions, I will give you a “Primo Tent” location……..

I believe in you! You can do this! Go get those donations and let’s be

Good Luck,

Paddles Up!

Darlene McGrath
RaceDay Teams Coordinator

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