Captains Update June 21

Hello Captains and welcome to RaceDay Week!

This will be your final update until RaceDay….. I have been getting a lot of last minute questions this week, so I am going to try and answer as best as I can in bullet fashion. If I miss anything please feel free to ask. I am here to help you.

  1. 22 Dragons will be running our event. They come highly recommended and we are excited to have them.
  2. On RaceDay morning, there will be a mandatory 7:30 Captain’s Meeting. Any last minute questions can be asked then. We will also provide a Captain’s packet. The packet will contain; a group waiver, race progression of heats, DB safety document, rules and regulation doc, schedule for the day and wrist bands.
  3. Waivers; YES we will have waivers! Of course we will have waivers! The insurance rep is working on it as we speak, and they will have it to us by tonight. Once they are released, you will receive them either by email, posted on the Captain’s website Update to download, and for sure a hard copy in your Captain’s packet. We will need it signed and returned by 8:30A.M Saturday.
  4. Parking; I recommend asking Google; downtown parking Henry C. Chambers WaterFront Park and download a map. You can also use to find a map. There will be a drop off only area curbside at Scott Street extension off of Bay Street, just past YoYo’s Soft
    -Serve, and goes back along Saltus River Grill. Please do not linger. Get it done and move on. The drop off area can make it easier to get things to your tent.
  5. Event Schedule; as I said, a Captain’s meeting will begin at 7:30 followed by Opening Ceremonies, and our first race/heat will begin at 8:30. There will be 3 heats. You should have your teammates there early to help decorate and set up, so you can partake in the beginning festivities. We will not be publishing anything on the website, so listen and pay attention to the announcer as you hear your team’s name called. We have a really good marshaling group, and I
    will also be there to make sure you are ready to race.
  6. Tents; your tent will already be set up and waiting for you with your team’s name banner on it. Each team will have their own 10×10 tent. I do not have the layout yet. When I do, I will forward you a copy. DO NOT BRING ANY ADDITIONAL TENTS. We are booked this year in the park. WaterFront Park is limited for space, and they have staking rules.
  7. Footwear, PFD,s, & Wristbands; please no sandals or open toe shoes. We ask this for your own safety. Get yourself a pair of water shoes. It’s a water sport! If you have a pair of sneakers you do not mind getting wet, then wear them. We will provide life jackets and paddles, but if you have your own that is fine. Waist PFDs are permitted. No paddler will be permitted on a boat without a provided wrist band from the Captain’s Packet.
  8. Food; there will be 2 food vendors available; Rain-n-Bagels and Sunset Slush. WaterFront Park is surrounded by restaurants, but be mindful of your race times. Do not go wandering off without knowing when your next race time will be! I highly recommend what we do when we go to races. We set up a food list prior to the race. Each paddler signs up to bring something to eat/snack/drink/ice, etc. You could also order out and have it delivered.
  9. Speaking of drinking….. NO paddler will be permitted to paddle if intoxicated!!! Yes, with restaurants come bars, and there are a lot to choose from. So, “Don’t Drink & Paddle!”
  10. Practice Schedule; an updated practice schedule has been added to the Captain’s Update on the website. I do have one more slot open on Thursday & Friday at 4:30 if anyone is interested…….
  11. Reminders; here is a list of reminders regarding RaceDay.
  • The race distance is 200 meters. We are checking on the tide times as we speak. Remember you are racing on Tidal waters. There will not be any floating docks. Wet -vs- Dry start is totally up to your team Captain. The Oarsman ALWAYS has control of the boat.
  • 20 paddlers and a drummer. We will accept a minimum of 16 paddlers, but will not go any lower for safety reasons. Please try your best to fill your boat. If you find yourself needing a paddler or two, find me! I will make it happen!!
  • Mandatory Practice for our local community teams. I know not all paddlers can make their designated time. Contact me and we will try to get you on another boat to get that practice time in.
  • Each racing team must have a minimum of 8 women paddlers
  • Each Cancer Survivor team must have a minimum of 8 Cancer Survivors
  • Each Senior team paddlers must be 50 years and older. Drummer included
  • There are no Covid restrictions in the City of Beaufort


  1. FUNDRAISE; please continue to fundraise! Our goal is $75,000. Let’s help these people in Beaufort County.

AND….. I leave you with this;

May the river rise up to meet you, May the wind be always at your back!
May the Sun shine warm upon your face, and pray to the rain god’s to stay away from my race!

Paddles Up!

Darlene McGrath

RaceDay Teams Coordinator

Captains Update June 7

Hello Captains!

Congratulations to the Dragonflies for winning “The Challenge!!!” They pulled themselves up to second place in the top team fundraising spot. You just got yourself a “Primo Tent” location…

Here you will find the Practice Schedule. I tried my best to select your first choice pick. If you would like a second practice we do have slots open on Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday at 4:30 & 5:30. Just let me know, and I can set you up! Practice sessions will be held at WaterFront Park, and we will meet in the parking lot near the Marina. Please try to arrive 20 minute before your session, so we can go over the rules and stroke.

Now is the time to start putting together your Tent Decorations, T-Shirt designs, and Drummers costume.

Keep your eyes open for our Banner flying at Bay and Ribaut Street for the next two weeks. The Selfie Station is presently at RE/MAX on Bay Street, but will be on the move. Be sure to get your picture with it and post it on social media.

Look for our ½ page ad in the May issue of Beaufort Lifestyle Magazine, and we will have a top of the front-page banner in the Island News on June 16th.

Jeff “T-Bone” Taylor has been talking us up on 104.9 The Surf this week. Stay tuned for next week as our very own Chris Jones and Greg Rawls do a radio interview!

Keep the Donations coming, and if you know of anyone wanting to paddle I still need paddlers.

Y’all are AWESOME……….. Stay tuned for the next Challenge!!!!

Paddles Up!

Darlene McGrath

RaceDay Teams Coordinator

Practice Schedule



Captains Update June 5

Hello Captains!

The countdown is on and less than three weeks until RaceDay! Please keep pushing the donations, and if you know of anyone wanting to paddle, I have a few teams in need of paddlers. Have them contact me at

Y’all are doing a great job, and I appreciate it so much. You are AWESOME….
Registration has closed. We have a full field of 30 teams, so WaterFront Park will be hopping on June 25th. Per my previous updates, we do require one practice for the local teams only. The Out-of-Town teams are not required due to being seasoned paddlers, but it is an option. Practice will cover the safety
commands we use while on the boat, warming up, and the paddle stroke technique on land before hitting the water. It’s really important to practice together as a team. If, for some reason you have a paddler that cannot make your practice, we will get them on another boat.

Practices will be held on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday at 4:30, 5:30, and 6:30. I need you to give me two choices of times and days. The first being the time you really want. The second is in case the first choice does not work out. I promise to really try and meet your first schedule, AND first come first served! So, talk with your teammates and get back to me.

Stay tuned for more updates.

Paddles Up!

Thank You,

Darlene McGrath

RaceDay Teams Coordinator

Captains Update Tent Challenge 2

Hello Paddlers!

The “Challenge” is still on! You have until tomorrow Monday, June 6th, midnight to get those donations in and claim that “Primo Tent” location.

$5,000 was the Goal!

Here are the latest standings as of today for the top five:

1.   Beaufort Believers $3,545

2.   Swamp Dragons $3,195

3.   Parrot Heads $2,890

4.   Coosaw Point Fighting Squirrels $2,875

5.   Dragonflies $2,780

“Let’s make it interesting!”

Beaufort Believers and Swamp Dragons already have a primo tent location due to being the top fundraisers last year. If any other team can out donate the first two positions, I will give you a “Primo Tent” location……..

I believe in you! You can do this! Go get those donations and let’s be

Good Luck,

Paddles Up!

Darlene McGrath
RaceDay Teams Coordinator

Captains Update Tent Challenge

Hello Captains,

RaceDay is only a few weeks away! Now is the time to finish filling those boats with paddlers, and raising the bar for donations. Try to get at least 16 paddlers.
Registration will be closing on June 1st.

The Challenge is on! What team can meet $5000 in donations in the next week (May 31st)?? Some of you are already halfway there! The first team to do it will receive a “primo tent location” on RaceDay!

Go be Warriors and show me what you’ve got!

Stay tuned for more updates to come. After registration closes we will be putting together the practice schedule and much more.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

Paddles Up!!


May Captains update

Hello Captains and Paddlers!

May Day! May Day! May Day! Race Day is approaching fast…. Saturday, June 25th will be here before we know it! Race Day is a fun filled day! Besides the three races we run throughout the day, we have several other things going on.

We will start our day with a 7:30AM Captains meeting to review, follow up, make sure waivers have been signed, and any other questions you may have.
We will have a moving Carnation Ceremony for Cancer survivors and their families, a ten minute exercise warm-up to music by our very own, Jeff “T-Bone” Taylor from 104.9 The Surf. A Best Dressed Drummer Parade across the WaterFront Park stage to make us all smile at the great talents each team has to offer. AND…. I am just getting started Y’all.

Throughout the day, we will also give out awards for the Best Decorated Tent, Best T-Shirt Design, and Individual/Team Fundraising. Did I mention the top fundraising team will receive FREE team registration for next year’s race? Did I mention there will be a performance by the Charleston Taiko Drummers? They
are a “must see” entertaining group of people!

At the end of the day there will be medals awarded for race times, various categories, and top teams in each division. We like to try and wrap things up by 4:00PM, if possible. I may be biased, but I think we run a pretty smooth race!
For my teams traveling from out of town we have locked up two hotels so far. The Hampton Inn with a rate of $109/night, and the Holiday Inn with rates of $149 & $159 (depending on Queen or King). Please be sure to reference “DragonBoat Beaufort RaceDay” upon booking your room. Cut off dates to book are 5/25 for the Holiday Inn, and 6/3 for the Hampton Inn. Book them now because they will go fast. Beaufort is a huge tourist area for people to go on vacation.

Just to recap a few questions I have been asked by other teams:

  • We will field a 20 member paddling team, one Drummer, and 2-3 alternates. We will allow a min of 16 paddlers on a boat. All paddlers must be 16 years and older.
  • We provide one 10×10 tent (additional tents are not allowed due to Park staking restrictions), life jackets, paddles, and a Professional oarsman.
  • There must be at least 8 women paddling in each race
  • A (1) mandatory practice session for my local teams (starting Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday of Race Day week), optional for the Out-of-Town Teams. Schedule to follow.
  • Registration Fee; $1000 for Out-of-Town Teams, Local Community Teams, and Senior Division Teams. $800 for Cancer Survivor Teams. Fundraising is optional for the Out-of-Town Teams.
  • Registration has been open since March and waiting for you;


A big thank you to all our sponsors!