Captains Update June 5

Hello Captains!

The countdown is on and less than three weeks until RaceDay! Please keep pushing the donations, and if you know of anyone wanting to paddle, I have a few teams in need of paddlers. Have them contact me at

Y’all are doing a great job, and I appreciate it so much. You are AWESOME….
Registration has closed. We have a full field of 30 teams, so WaterFront Park will be hopping on June 25th. Per my previous updates, we do require one practice for the local teams only. The Out-of-Town teams are not required due to being seasoned paddlers, but it is an option. Practice will cover the safety
commands we use while on the boat, warming up, and the paddle stroke technique on land before hitting the water. It’s really important to practice together as a team. If, for some reason you have a paddler that cannot make your practice, we will get them on another boat.

Practices will be held on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday at 4:30, 5:30, and 6:30. I need you to give me two choices of times and days. The first being the time you really want. The second is in case the first choice does not work out. I promise to really try and meet your first schedule, AND first come first served! So, talk with your teammates and get back to me.

Stay tuned for more updates.

Paddles Up!

Thank You,

Darlene McGrath

RaceDay Teams Coordinator

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