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Linda Etchells

I am a cancer survivor myself and have lost several very close friends to cancer over the years and want to assist those who are going through cancer treatments and need assistance, which is why it is so important to raise money for the Dragonboat Beaufort Raceday, which raises the funds to help local folks get through this difficult time. The past 2 years due to Covid there has been no raceday festival, this year on Saturday, June 25th we will be out on the Beaufort River to race and raise funds for the Outreach Program. Please donate or volunteer to help make this raceday a success! Linda

20 Replies to “Linda Etchells”

  1. Linda Etchells donated 200.00 :To all the lost friends: Marilyn Booher, Sue Chapman, John Doyle, Peter Vairo, Jim Rowan, Joan English and countless others.

  2. Janine Maly donated 50.00 :Our family and friends who have lost their lives to this horrific disease.

  3. Karol Ketola donated 25.00 :To all my paddle friends that have gone on much too soon.

  4. Mary Townswick donated 100.00 :To my loved ones who are fighting/have fought cancer!

  5. Jane Kendall donated 50.00 :T.o the wonderful Swamp Girls who have gone before us.

  6. Jim Pierce donated 100.00 :Sorry I can’t paddle with Swamp Dragons this year, but I’ll be thinking about you and cheering you on to victory!!

  7. Linda Lee donated 50.00 :in memory of my dear friends, Jean and Marilyn, and my precious husband, Den.~~

  8. Phyllis Doyle donated 100.00 :In memory of Swamp Dragon, John Doyle, who loved his team and paddled with all his heart.

  9. Linda Etchells donated 50.00 :This years race is dedicated to John Doyle, Jim Rowan & Peter Vairo, who were Swamp Dragon Team Mates!