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June Anne Jones

I am a dedicated believer that we can make a difference in the daily life of people who need us.

16 Replies to “June Anne Jones”

  1. Martha Bilotta donated 150.00 :In honor of the well being of my husband
    Thank you God.

  2. Vincene Aquilato donated 25.00 :Keep up the great work June.
    Best wishes for a great race.

  3. susan simmons donated 50.00 :In loving memory of my husband Darrell and his beloved dog Doc

  4. Kris Hanlon donated 75.00 :This is for my brother Jack Roy who passed away from squamous cell cancer this year here in Beaufort County.

  5. DONNA BRAINARD donated 50.00 :Dedicated to the memory of my sister Marianne D. Perzel.

  6. Carmen Meyer donated 200.00 :In memory of my brother, Armando and my beautiful mother, Alicia and to all of you dragonboaters for your time and dedication to this wonderful cause.

  7. Barbara Foy donated 50.00 :I am dedicating this year’s donation to my mother, who was so generous with others.

  8. Octavio Medina donated 100.00 :I have lost too many loved ones to that horrible disease.

    My special dedication is in honor of my son, Octavio (Tavi) who put up a grueling fight for six years and lost.

  9. June Jones donated 50.00 :

    George Jones donated 200.00 :To my wife a cancer survivor and committed Dragon Boat volunteer. I am so proud of her and all of the organization.