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Darlene McGrath

I have been a member of Dragonboat Beaufort since 2016. I fell in love with paddling, but most of all for what it stands for. Helping our Community. I have seen what cancer can do first hand to an individual and family. DBB can help ease the mind through our Outreach Program to help with needs these people cannot afford while going through treatments. Dragonboat Beaufort is a great organization that I am proud to be a part of!

30 Replies to “Darlene McGrath”

  1. Tracey Georgino donated 200.00 :Dragon Boat Beaufort is near and dear to my heart! ❤️ The effort that goes into this event and the money raised so helps those who really need it! Paddles up! Finish strong!

  2. June Jones donated 30.00 :For all those who fight the fight and those who have gone ahead doing it. To the survivors and the fighters.

  3. Karen McGrath donated 25.00 :We are so proud of you, Dar Dar!! Love, your McGrath family

  4. Annie Hunter donated 25.00 :Dedicated to my dad who fought cancer and won, thank you, Jesus!

  5. Cynthia Clarkson donated 500.00 :This is dedicated with love, prayers, and hope for a very dear cousin with a new diagnosis of prostate cancer.

  6. Marjorie Johnson donated 50.00 :Thank you for your dedication and commitment to this wonderful outreach.

  7. Bryan and Mary Ann Sink donated 200.00 :In memory of Sherry Sink and Jamie Alga.

  8. Darlene McGrath donated 50.00 :To my Dad, my Brother, and my Friend Ellen McGrath who all put up a great fight against this nasty disease!