Captains Update June 6

Hello Captains!

Two weeks until Race Day! Thank you again for pulling your teams together, and making this happen. Speaking of teams….. We now need to do some more work, in order to make this day a successful day for all.

First, get your paddlers on your roster! You need a minimum of 16 paddlers and a Drummer. I am seeing a lot of teams with very few or no names at all on your roster. Which also means you are not fundraising!!! This is what this day is all about. Fundraise! Fundraise! Fundraise! I am seeing some teams with a full roster, and hardly any money raised. Then…… I see a team of “Just Friends”, and they have raised over $10K. Due to being “Just Friends”, Shark Attack, and
Captain Charlene Pinherio have just WON a primo tent spot on Race Day along the WaterFront wall! Congratulations, and keep that money coming!!

We need to hit that $80K in order for us to be successful with our OutReach Program. The cancer patients of Beaufort County need our help. So please remember this is what this day is all about.

Beef up your Bio! “Just Friends”, tell us more about what makes you such great friends! “Paradise Paddlers”, tell us more about living in Margaritaville and how y’all came together! “Sun City Synchronettes” what makes you social??? Give Jeff “T-Bone” Taylor something to play with when he announces your team name throughout the day! You have until 6/13 to get this done!

It is now time to pick your practice day and time slot. We will be putting 3 boats on the water in each time slot, equalling 9 teams at a time. Give me your first and second choice. We will be practicing on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of Race Day week. Time slots are 4:30, 5:30, & 6:30 at WaterFront Park. We gather back in the corner where you load for a tourist carriage ride.
We try to reserve the Friday practices for the Out-of-Town teams, since they will be traveling. Let’s see how that plays out. Please arrive a half hour before your time slot for a brief overview of water & boat safety, boat commands, along with a lesson on paddling. I will also need your waivers signed by all paddlers before going on the water. Be sure to wear comfortable clothes and shoes that can get wet. This is a water sport! DO NOT wear flip-flops. Shoes must be attached to your feet for safety reasons. You also may want to consider sunglasses, sunscreen, a big YES to drinking water. Gloves are very helpful for your grip when paddling. I use weight lifting gloves. We are not doing one waiver per team, but one waiver per paddler. Please let me know if you need another copy of the waiver, so each of your paddlers can have one.

Hopefully, by now Y’all have your creative team jersey, Drummer costumes in the works for competition, and getting those decorations for your tent. Speaking of tents, please remember no extra tents permitted in the park. Set up and location of your tent to follow in the next captain update. I will be sending out a final update on everything later.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. Until then…..

Paddles Up!
Darlene McGrath

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