Out of Town Teams

Hello Captains, and welcome to “Dragonboat Race Day 2023”! We have already started planning for another successful fundraising event, and we hope y’all will be a part of it again this year.


The website is up and running; www.dragonboatraceday.com and you can start to register your team NOW!! Take advantage of the new early bird discount. If you register your team by April 15, 2023, you will receive a $100 discount. That’s right! $100’s off the regular registration fee of $1000. (Cancer Survivor Teams are not eligible as their fee is already discounted). We are limiting the total number of teams this year to 28 due to the capacity of the park. Be sure to register as soon as possible! I have a couple of new teams who have already inquired and are looking to travel and participate. I think this year is going to book-up fast.

To form a team you will need–

  • 20 paddlers, and a Drummer, (1-2 alternates, optional, but recommended).
  • Fundraising is an option. Please remember why we do this – to help our local cancer patients living, working, or receiving treatment in Beaufort County with needs such as paying bills – water, electricity, rent, mortgage, gasoline, and food while undergoing treatments. THEY NEED YOUR HELP! You can make a difference. Our fundraising goal this year is $80,000….

Teams must have at least 8 women paddling in each race (Men’s Div excluded). Cancer Survivor Teams must have at least 8 cancer survivors paddling in each race.

Senior Teams, all paddlers & the drummer must be at least 50 years old.

Men’s Division. A new category this year limiting it to 4 teams. We have three teams already talking about it. So if you have a team in mind let me know.

Note: when registering your team please make sure to register under the proper category– i.e. Community/Club, Cancer Survivor, Men, or Senior team. This will help us place the correct teams together, in the same heats on race day, and make racing a fun and even battlefield!!

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