Dragonboat Raceday – PRACTICE SCHEDULE

FINALLY! here it is.  Sorry, I was waiting to hear from a few teams before I sent this……

Sat, 6/15   

9am           Beaufort Believers           Dragon Slayers

10am         EarthFIT Warriors            Swamp Dragons

11am         Orange Zone


Sun, 6/16  

4pm           Reel Nauti                        Single Marine Program

5pm           Rack Attack                     Weichert Warriors

6pm           Some Like It Hot              Parish Paddlers


Wed, 6/19  

4:30pm      Padawan Dons                              OPEN                                        OPEN

5:30PM      Blazing Paddles              St. Peter’s Dragons            MOB Squad

6:30pm      Beaufort Believers           Anna’s Breast Friends         BMH Spittin’ Fireballs


Thu, 6/20  

4:30pm       Some Like It Hot             OPEN                                        OPEN

5:30pm       Nature Boy                      Weichert Warriors                  St Peters Dragons/LCKC (self)

6:30pm       Swamp Dragons              Anna’s Breast Friends        BlazingPaddles


Fri, 6/21

4:30pm       Padawan Dons                   OPEN                                         OPEN

5:30PM       Parish Paddlers               EarthFIT Warriors                  JCB Paddling Diggers/LCKC (self)

6:30pm       Dragon Slayers                Single Marine Program         Dragon Boat Atlanta

If I need to adjust anything, please let me know ASAP!

ONE MORE TIME …….. please inform your paddlers to wear shoes that can stay on their feet (no flip flops); bring WATER; gloves, hat sunscreen, sunglasses all helpful; they can bring their own PFD’s as long as Coast Guard approved. Arrive at least 20 min prior to your scheduled practice time for land instruction.

PARKING —  for the weekend at PRLM, park at 1 Professional Place on the corner adjacent & walk to Marina; the Marina lot cannot accommodate as many cars as will be there & they have asked us to please convey this to all — please honor that request.

For the weekdays at Waterfront Park, inform your team they have to pay for parking until 7pm — we cannot call off the Meter Guy/Gal!

LASTLY, and this is important — ASSUME PRACTICE IS TAKING PLACE UNLESS YOU HEAR OTHERWISE!  We will do everything in our power to notify you of a cancellation in the most expedient way possible — I have your email contact, so that’s what you should be checking.  Just a friendly suggestion, don’t second-guess the weather, especially if you’re not in Beaufort; our guys are monitoring it constantly — storm cells, wind, tide, all of it!  I mention this because several teams missed getting a practice because the weather in Port Royal actually gave us some windows to get people safely out on the water, but they were no-shows….. we’re just as concerned for your safety as you are!

A million thanks for all your doing & see you at PRACTICE!

Chris & Darlene

Update 1

Greetings “Fearless Leader” Dragonboat Captains

We’re fast approaching May & you should be registering your teams if you haven’t already — remember May 1st is the cutoff for discounted registration fees!  Please let us know one way or another if you plan to participate in this year’s race — just a quick reply to this email would be appreciated.

You may have noticed a redesigned Raceday website so we are attaching the step-by-step instructions for registering your team, both individual paddler pay & sponsored/pre-paid.  Please follow these instructions & if you have issues please reach out to Darlene at darmcgrath59@gmail.com.

Once you register your team, please populate your roster, designate Captain & drummer & write up your “team bio”.  Then as your paddlers sign up, they can sign in to their account & go to “My Fundraising Page” to say a little bit about themselves & why they’re paddling.

Remember, it’s not too soon to start fundraising!

We’re also attaching a Dragonboat seating chart which may be of assistance as you plan your team’s strategy for a fun & successful Raceday!!

And as always don’t hesitate to contact one of us with questions or concerns.

Paddles Up !!!

Chris Jones & Darlene McGrath

Raceday Teams Coordinators

Welcome Captains

Hello Raceday Team Captains !!

Happy Spring, Daylight Savings Time & 2019 Paddling Season!  It’s all finally here & that means time to start thinking about Raceday & getting your teams registered.  Dragonboat Raceday will once again be held at our beautiful downtown Waterfront Park on Sat, June 22nd, so reserve that day on your calendar now!

Our Raceday web site has been redesigned so may not look as you expect, but you can register & move forward with populating your rosters any time — we’re ready!  Website address as follows: www.dragonboat-raceday.com; or find by checking “DBB Raceday 2019“.  Once there, click on “Menu” & go to “Teams”.  Don’t forget to include a brief “team bio”.

As before, we’ll have a Mixed Cancer Survivor Division, a Senior Division (all members 50+ yrs) & a Community Division (at least 8 female paddlers in the boat each race), all competing for medals.  We’ve also got some fun groups of teams competing for a Winner’s Cup (& bragging rights!).  And don’t forget the prizes in our fun categories — Best Decorated Tent, Best Team T-shirt, Best Costumed Drummer, Drummer Raising Most $$’s, & Best Team Spirit.

Lastly, I have someone assisting me this year coordinating teams — Darlene McGrath, who can be contacted at the above email for any questions/concerns you may have now or in the future.  Please don’t hesitate to contact either one of us if you need to.

So jump on the website & get your teams registered as quickly as possible — you don’t want to miss Dragonboat Raceday 2019!!

Paddles Up!

Chris Jones  & Darlene McGrath

Raceday Teams Coordinators



PS –Dragonboat Beaufort will be launching their boats (with blessings from the weather) on March 16th; we invite local team captains not already members of DBB, to join us for a Sat paddle anytime after the 16th — just let us know if you’re interested, the date, & we’ll assure you have a seat in the boat.  We want you to get those “paddling juices” flowing & get excited about being out there on the water in a DRAGONBOAT!!!