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Organized Chaos Ladies

We are a nonprofit organization whose purpose is to increase Public awareness of the amateur sport Dragon Boating, to promote Dragon Boating for Health and recreational benefits, to educate paddlers through practice and race curricula and to participate in paddling competitions throughout the United Stated of America and the world. By creating a multi-cultural, age-diverse team environment that strives for unity and excellence we encourage all members to reach for and attain personal best as individual and athletes. We train to win and compete all the while embodying the best qualities of sportsmanship through courtesy and fair play.
Create a diverse community, which provides our athletes with competition fitness, and social connections through dragon boat and outrigger disciplines. A culture that supports athletes to achieve their personal goals by not being afraid to fail, recognizing that growth happens through success and failure. Promote a listening organization that adheres to “Our Values”
-Ownership & willpower
-Embrace & respect