JDBC Mammoglams's Team photo

JDBC Mammoglams

We are the only all breast cancer team in Jacksonville, the Mammoglams, although we will have some supporters racing with us in Beaufort. This team likes competition, though feels they are winners before entering the boat. The Mammoglams live by the motto, “We’ve won the battle…now let’s paddle!” Our team has a mission: to introduce dragon boating to the Jacksonville community and get people engaged in a healthy lifestyle. We believe that true winners are people who support their community, engage others in becoming more physically fit in a positive environment, and reach out to people in a time of need. We are continually striving to become better paddlers, all while having fun and enjoying the camaraderie that only a team can provide. Dragon boat paddling has changed all of our lives for the better. Every team member is as important as the next…none of us could do it without the support of our teammates. We allow no negativity on our teams! Only positive spirits allowed! The world in stressful enough…dragon boat paddling provides us with the opportunity to “de-stress” and enjoy life on our beautiful waterways! Welcome to my team page!