Anna’s Breast Friends

We are a team of friends, family and coworkers that have all been affected by CANCER in some shape or form. Anna is my sister, my little girl’s Aunt and one of my very best friends. Everyone who knows her, loves her. She was diagnosed with Breast Cancer at age 35. We have all joined forces to give back to a great cause. This is our first year and we are very excited. I will warn you that we are all very competitive and will paddle with passion!

Organized Chaos Ladies

We are a nonprofit organization whose purpose is to increase Public awareness of the amateur sport Dragon Boating, to promote Dragon Boating for Health and recreational benefits, to educate paddlers through practice and race curricula and to participate in paddling competitions throughout the United Stated of America and the world. By creating a multi-cultural, age-diverse team environment that strives for unity and excellence we encourage all members to reach for and attain personal best as individual and athletes. We train to win and compete all the while embodying the best qualities of sportsmanship through courtesy and fair play.
Create a diverse community, which provides our athletes with competition fitness, and social connections through dragon boat and outrigger disciplines. A culture that supports athletes to achieve their personal goals by not being afraid to fail, recognizing that growth happens through success and failure. Promote a listening organization that adheres to “Our Values”
-Ownership & willpower
-Embrace & respect

JDBC Mammoglams

We are the only all breast cancer team in Jacksonville, the Mammoglams, although we will have some supporters racing with us in Beaufort. This team likes competition, though feels they are winners before entering the boat. The Mammoglams live by the motto, “We’ve won the battle…now let’s paddle!” Our team has a mission: to introduce dragon boating to the Jacksonville community and get people engaged in a healthy lifestyle. We believe that true winners are people who support their community, engage others in becoming more physically fit in a positive environment, and reach out to people in a time of need. We are continually striving to become better paddlers, all while having fun and enjoying the camaraderie that only a team can provide. Dragon boat paddling has changed all of our lives for the better. Every team member is as important as the next…none of us could do it without the support of our teammates. We allow no negativity on our teams! Only positive spirits allowed! The world in stressful enough…dragon boat paddling provides us with the opportunity to “de-stress” and enjoy life on our beautiful waterways! Welcome to my team page!

Healing Dragons of Charlotte

Welcome to my team page!
Healing Dragons of Charlotte, a non-profit, competitive dragon boat team launched in 2009, with a focus on cancer survivorship. We are mothers, daughters, fathers, sons, family, and friends with a common vision..
To inspire, encourage and support survivors of ALL cancers to triumph over the disease.
Our Mission is to use dragon boating to help survivors paddle for wellness, mental and physical health.

LCKC Dragon Boat

Lanier Canoe and Kayak Club is a 501(c)(3) non-profit legacy program of the 1996 Olympic Games and is a premier location for flat water sprint canoe, kayak and dragon boat paddling. From our middle school racing league to moonlight paddles; there is something for everyone at LCKC.
The Gainesville, GA based LCKC Dragon Boat is making its first out-of-state appearance at Beaufort!
LCKC is the National Training location for Dragon Boat USA and hosts several corporate team buildings and dragon boat team camps for all levels per year.
Paddlers for today’s event range from local members of the 2018 ICF World Champions, those training to make Team USA as well as a couple of BCS paddlers and a few newbies.
Lanier Canoe and Kayak Club; changing lives through paddling.

Lake James Healing Dragons

Lake James Healing Dragons was started by 3 BCS from Morganton, NC.  Recruitment for the team began in 2009, and in 2010 we began paddling on beautiful Lake James.  In 9 years we have competed in over 40 races, bringing home medals in 31 of those. In 2018, 7 members from our team competed in Florence, Italy at the International Breast Cancer Participatory Dragon Boat Race. We are an all female team ranging in age from 44 to 72.  Our vision is to inspire, encourage and support survivors of all cancers and to triumph over the disease.  Our annual dragon boat festival will be on Oct. 12 at Lake James State Park/Paddy’s Creek to raise money for our local Cancer Care Fund to cover the cost of mammograms for under or uninsured women.

JCB Paddling Diggers

The Paddling Diggers are all co-workers or spouses of co-workers from JCB. Coming together to have fun away from work. The team members work in different areas of the business from the General Manager, materials, purchasing, finance, accounting, production and engineering. Watch out for our awesome teamwork.

BMH Spittin’ Fireballs

Our team is comprised of Beaufort Memorial Hospital employees and family members.  Team members come from various departments such as IT, Finance, Nursing, Imaging, Education,  and Outpatient Physician Practices.  We are proud to represent Beaufort County’s hospital on our mission to improve the health of our community.