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Welcome to my fundraising page! My name is Mollie Rathburn, but let me tell you about my strength, it comes from my mom, Donna Bevinger. August 2017 she was diagnosed with Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer, with not much hope. She was determined to fight it, even beat it. It’s been 18 months, and her fight has taken a toll, so much that we lost the fight on March 19th. If I could become even half the woman she was, I would be honored. So now every time I take to the water, with my team, I paddle for her. When I first joined Dragon Boat Beaufort, cancer had not yet touched my life. But now, it’s a part of me. We give back to the community, helping cancer patients.
The best way I can honor her, is to have you donate in her name.. coincidently, my mom\’s initials are the same as my team ~ DBB.
Won’t you help me honor my mom?
Donate today , thank you.

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  1. Mollie Rathburn donated 60.00 :No amount can compare to the love for My mom. Miss you everyday