Dragonboat Raceday – PRACTICE SCHEDULE

FINALLY! here it is.  Sorry, I was waiting to hear from a few teams before I sent this……

Sat, 6/15   

9am           Beaufort Believers           Dragon Slayers

10am         EarthFIT Warriors            Swamp Dragons

11am         Orange Zone


Sun, 6/16  

4pm           Reel Nauti                        Single Marine Program

5pm           Rack Attack                     Weichert Warriors

6pm           Some Like It Hot              Parish Paddlers


Wed, 6/19  

4:30pm      Padawan Dons                              OPEN                                        OPEN

5:30PM      Blazing Paddles              St. Peter’s Dragons            MOB Squad

6:30pm      Beaufort Believers           Anna’s Breast Friends         BMH Spittin’ Fireballs


Thu, 6/20  

4:30pm       Some Like It Hot             OPEN                                        OPEN

5:30pm       Nature Boy                      Weichert Warriors                  St Peters Dragons/LCKC (self)

6:30pm       Swamp Dragons              Anna’s Breast Friends        BlazingPaddles


Fri, 6/21

4:30pm       Padawan Dons                   OPEN                                         OPEN

5:30PM       Parish Paddlers               EarthFIT Warriors                  JCB Paddling Diggers/LCKC (self)

6:30pm       Dragon Slayers                Single Marine Program         Dragon Boat Atlanta

If I need to adjust anything, please let me know ASAP!

ONE MORE TIME …….. please inform your paddlers to wear shoes that can stay on their feet (no flip flops); bring WATER; gloves, hat sunscreen, sunglasses all helpful; they can bring their own PFD’s as long as Coast Guard approved. Arrive at least 20 min prior to your scheduled practice time for land instruction.

PARKING —  for the weekend at PRLM, park at 1 Professional Place on the corner adjacent & walk to Marina; the Marina lot cannot accommodate as many cars as will be there & they have asked us to please convey this to all — please honor that request.

For the weekdays at Waterfront Park, inform your team they have to pay for parking until 7pm — we cannot call off the Meter Guy/Gal!

LASTLY, and this is important — ASSUME PRACTICE IS TAKING PLACE UNLESS YOU HEAR OTHERWISE!  We will do everything in our power to notify you of a cancellation in the most expedient way possible — I have your email contact, so that’s what you should be checking.  Just a friendly suggestion, don’t second-guess the weather, especially if you’re not in Beaufort; our guys are monitoring it constantly — storm cells, wind, tide, all of it!  I mention this because several teams missed getting a practice because the weather in Port Royal actually gave us some windows to get people safely out on the water, but they were no-shows….. we’re just as concerned for your safety as you are!

A million thanks for all your doing & see you at PRACTICE!

Chris & Darlene

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