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TJ Smith

Many of my loved ones including my father, brother, wife, daughter, three sisters in law and several other family members, friends, colleagues and comrades have all been afflicted by cancer. I’m thrilled to contribute to the cause and hope my friends & family can chip in as well.

20 Replies to “TJ Smith”

  1. Jan Grimsley donated 50.00 :Dodge the gators, sharks and snakes for the big win! Good luck!
    Jan and Will

  2. James Dwyer donated 50.00 :Whatsoever you did for the least of my breathern, then you did so to ME…

  3. Bobby Rocha donated 300.00 :How could one not support a team like the Fighting Squirrels and their mission in life? Good luck, God speed and just ensure you’re not the slowest swimmer if the boat flips over in ‘bad waters’, TJ. RLTW.

  4. Ralph Polehonki donated 200.00 :How can we not support such a worthy cause and the brave men and women who enter the gator, snake, and lizard infested waters of Beaufort. Best of luck!

  5. Phillip Elmore donated 100.00 :The greatest commander that I ever served.