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Loretta Cosgrove

Beaufort Dragon Boat Raceday 2023, helps raise money for cancer patients, who may need money for everyday expenses. Mortgage, rent, utilities and many other needs.
Cancer has affected all of us, one way or another Please help us help them.
I have joined Team Shark Attack, not as a paddler, but I will be working behind the scenes to raise money. Please consider donating to this worthy cause.
Thank you

17 Replies to “Loretta Cosgrove”

  1. Charlene Pinheiro donated 30.00 :Loretta you have been a great help! 🦈🦈🦈

  2. Doug &Anne Eichele donated 50.00 :Fortunate cancer survivor who wants to help others.

  3. Rina Fochi donated 20.00 :Dedicated to everyone affected by cancer. Loretta, thank you for raising money for this important cause. Miss you, Rina