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June A Jones

I am a dedicated member of DragonBoat Beaufort for over 6 years. I believe in our mission of helping cancer patients weather the ups and downs of treatments and coming through the other side. I believe in us working together to make this happen. All of us have been touched by this in one way or the other. I am grateful for all my supporters for helping to make this all possible. Come to Race Day on June 23,2023 if you can, it promises to be a lot of fun and great competition.

25 Replies to “June A Jones”

  1. Connie Valimont donated 25.00 :Thanks to the Beaufort Team for carrying on the good works that so benefit the community. It is efforts such as this that make this organization stand out!!

  2. George Jones donated 400.00 :To my wife June and all the other dedicated Dragonboat Racers. As a cancer survivor myself, I thank you.

  3. Donna Brainard donated 75.00 :For all the Dragonboaters who practice so hard and are dedicated to
    helping those who are suffering.

  4. Linda and John Ollis donated 25.00 :In memory of brother-in-law Joe Zang who did not survive glioblastoma, and in honor of those who have.

  5. Vincene Aquilato donated 25.00 :Best of luck to the Land Sharks, and thanks for your dedication.

  6. Mary Enright donated 50.00 :I donate in remembrance of my dear friend, Donnis, who lost her battle. I also donate for so many of my friends that fought and won or that continue to fight, including June’s daughter. You go girl. Have fun at the race.

  7. Nancy Rapoport donated 50.00 :What am impressive thing to do June!
    John and Nancy

  8. Julie & Frank Koehn donated 30.00 :Thank You June for all the hard work you do to make an important difference in Beaufort, SC.

  9. Luly Medina donated 100.00 :I sincerely believe and support the cause and proud to call you a very dear friend. Thanks