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Darlene McGrath

I have been a member/paddler with DragonBoat Beaufort since 2016. My first time out on the water I fell in love with the sport. At the time, I had no idea of the compassion and dedication of what they do for our community. What their mission is: “To provide assistance for the cancer patients of Beaufort County who live, work or receive treatments.” You see, I lost my Dad and brother to cancer, along with other family members. Just this past year my little brother was diagnosed with cancer. Thank God his was detected early enough for him to go through the treatments he needed to keep it at bay. If there is one cause that I will fight for, this is the one. I Love this organization, and I will continue to support this organization to the bitter end.

36 Replies to “Darlene McGrath”

  1. Corrine Clark donated 50.00 :For my sweet cousin’s selflessness! ❤️

  2. Marcella Mcgrath donated 300.00 :
    Hair Play: always here to support Dragonboat Beaufort

  3. Tracey Georgino donated 200.00 :For my best friend Sally Tomana who
    lost her battle with cancer this year.
    Make me proud Darlene!
    Paddles up!

  4. Gary Flynn donated 200.00 :Paddle hard and fast! Hope to see you soon! Love you Guys, Lynne & Gary Flynn

  5. Lisa Devlin donated 100.00 :To all my friends who have been saddened by cancer.

  6. Shannon Conley donated 50.00 :In memory of my momma, Beverly Conley❤️

  7. Maureen Durst donated 50.00 :I donate this in remembrance of my mom who passed away this year from pancreatic cancer.

  8. Mary Ann and Bryan Sink donated 100.00 :In memory of Sherri Beth Sink and Jamie Alga

  9. Kathleen Potash donated 50.00 :Good luck Dar!! Thank you for your dedication to helping so many!

  10. Suzanne Clark donated 200.00 :For my cancer survivor hubby and your brother Johnny!!!! You go Dar!!!!!!

  11. Steven McEvoy donated 200.00 :Who is that beautiful “Chick” in that paddler’s picture. i know who. God bless and Good luck in the race.
    Steve Mac

  12. Frank McGrath donated 50.00 :To my hard working wife Dar….. Go Getem’
    I Love you!!!