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Charlene Pinheiro

Welcome to my page! Hi there! I am a member of the Team SHARK ATTACK (lol) ….Dragonboats 2023.
Dragonboat Beaufort helps cancer patients struggling with monthly demands of keeping the lights on – fridge supplied – gas in the car to get to the doctors….all everyday life’s necessities. The referrals come from social workers – medical professionals – and other reliable sources. All volunteers hoping to help out someone in need. So this is where I hope you will consider donating…big or small…it all adds up! THANK YOU!
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31 Replies to “Charlene Pinheiro”

  1. Verizon Matching donated 100.00 :Verizon’s Matching Contribution for Brian O’Connor’s Donation.

  2. Inna Keller donated 50.00 :I dedicate this donation in memory of my dad, Felix Smolyansky. Always missed.

  3. JEAN SMITH donated 100.00 :If mythis samm donation can help a person in need, then this gift is well worthwhile.

  4. Kimberly Mackie donated 50.00 :Team Shark Attack! 🐋
    You have my Godmother as Captain what could go wrong( dont answer that just kidding) Work well as a team and you will go far in the race. If you feel tired sing baby shark in your head will help you row faster! Good luck!!xox

  5. Phyllis Tomlinson donated 75.00 :Hoping the struggles of these patients and survivors are a little easier thanks to the dedicated fundraising efforts of the Shark Attack team.

  6. Dawn Heanue donated 50.00 :For my Dad and everyone else affected by cancer. Thanks Charlene and the Shark Attack team!!

  7. Michele Foote donated 50.00 :to all those in the midst of the fight!

  8. Jean Sullivan donated 20.00 :Charlene is my baby sister….this is a wonderful cause ..

    Wishing her well!

  9. Janelle Wilson donated 50.00 :Hang on to the oars and don’t fall out of the boat! LOL! Thank you for joining and rowing. OOOXXX

  10. Teddy Pawlik donated 50.00 :Just a special Thank You to our friends and neighbors. We are so fortunate to have these folks that volunteer to many wonderful causes. Their commitment to the communities and needs of the people are noticed by many.
    Mary and I are privileged to call them our friends.
    We encourage others to consider contributing as they are able.
    Teddy & Mary