Padawan Dons

Celadon Club Wellness Center and the Celadon Community have come together for the fourth year in a row to support Dragonboat Beaufort. We Thank You for joining and or supporting our team in our fundraising efforts!

Dragon Slayers

The Dragon Slayers are a Habersham community based group of active & enthusiastic paddlers many of whom have been on the team for 4 to 5 years. We are a competitive bunch when on the water and despite practicing only 2 times a year, we have won a few heats but never a finals race. BUT, we have also never lost . How can you loose when you are having fun, enjoying the beautiful Beaufort waterfront, sweating profusely in the heat, actually paddling in unison some of the time and raising money to help Beaufort residents impacted by cancer meet some of the financial challenges that cancer brings to the table? So, sports fans, when we put our boats back in the water in 2022, don’t take us lightly, we are planning to practice three times before the race next year.

Groovy Grovers

Walling Grove is a private residential community at the north end of Lady’s Island. We’re surrounded by an abundance of natural beauty with grand oaks & sunsets over the Coosaw
River. Freshwater ponds, wetlands, forested areas and meadows are found throughout the neighborhood. We’re rich with wildlife — saltwater fish, dolphin, shrimp, crab, herds of deer, a variety of birds and alligators reside in our waters and woodlands.

We have a great community, and as our name suggests, we have fun together. But we like to give back, too. All of us have been or know someone who has been touched by cancer. Supporting DragonBoat Beaufort is a great way for us to help those individuals in need.

Rack Attack

We are the Breast Health Center in Bluffton SC, part of Hilton Head Hospital. Our leader Dr Rochelle Ringer is a fellowship-trained MUSC breast surgeon. Our goal is to raise money to help support DBB and our local breast cancer patients.

Pierce’s Pirates

Jim and I are proud members of DragonBoat Beaufort. We are honored to be part of an organization that assists people in our community undergoing the emotional and physical ravages of cancer. DBB’s Outreach Program gives these folks a little peace of mind by helping with household bills they may be struggling with during this time. Please help us help DragonBoat Beaufort continue their mission. Join Our Team! Donate To Our Team!

Cancer Warriors

We are a team of professionals who assist Cancer patients and their families from seeing an Oncologist and or Nurse Practitioner, to providing Radiation Therapy, Chemotherapy, Immunotherapy, and drawing labs. We assist with Spiritual needs, Financial Needs, and Adjustment to one’s illness, and too many to name needs. We care about everyone who is beginning their journey of living with Cancer to maintenance visits for those who may be in remission. However, not everyone survives. We do our due diligence to ensure we have done everything possible. We are people who live in this community. We work at the Lewis Cancer and Research Pavilion in both Bluffton and Hilton Head Island, S.C. We take our calling very serious. Please help us raise money for this awesome agency WHO always assist cancer patients and families when its needed. We are excited about having the opportunity to help our area through DragonBoat. And we ALL look forward to racing our boats in 2022 .

Beaufort Believers


We are a strong and enthusiastic team. We are of all ages, and we believe we can make a difference! We were the top fundraisers in 2019, and we are going to do it again. We believe in the cause. We know that Cancer never takes a break. We are here to help, because that’s what makes our team special….


Cancer Does Not Take A Break! This team has been created to honor our dear friend, CASEY MULVIHILL CHUCTA! She is bravely fighting ovarian cancer with the heart of a warrior. With the support of her friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers, Casey will GET OVA IT! We are using Casey’s journey to help bring awareness to cancer in the Lowcountry. The ability of DragonBoat Beaufort (DBB) to fund its Outreach Mission is ongoing during this pandemic. Please donate to DBB’s Virtual Race Day 2021. All funds raised will go directly to DBB’s Outreach Mission. DBB will continue its mission to support cancer patients who live, work or receive treatment in Beaufort County. Your participation in our Virtual Race Day 2021 will help us help them through this pandemic. With your financial assistance, we will be able to reach many more cancer patients and make a difference in their lives. Please be one of the brave and the strong to help our Lowcountry cancer community GET OVA IT!


We are a group of friends and paddlers that have been touched by cancer through family and friends and wants to help those who are going through the ravages of this insidious disease. The money we raise goes to help others in their battles that do not have the support or finances to do battle and need a little help from all of us. We as a team are strong and can work together to make a difference, even though we are not on the water this year. Paddles up and let’s show what a group of Swamp Dragons can do to help raise funds to keep Dragonboat Beaufort’s Outreach Program to be able to assist those local cancer patients financial help. Paddles up!