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Welcome to my page!
Hello Friends! I have been a member of Dragonboat Beaufort since 2016. I love this organization. All money raised goes directly to helping our local cancer patients, with needs they cannot afford while undergoing treatments. Could you imagine not being able to pay your electric bill, or making your rent? In 2020 we were able to help 65 patients during Covid times. It is an honor to give my time and help. So, let’s keep helping them, because they need us! Please donate…🎈❤🎈❤🎈

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  1. Olivia Kunkle donated 50.00 :Okay, Aunt Dar… I secretly raided my piggy bank last night (shhh, don’t tell Mommy and Daddy) so I could donate. I recently came into a bunch of dollars from the Tooth Fairy and couldn’t think of a better way to spend them.   I’m donating in memory of Great-Granddad. Mommy has told me so much about him. I really wish I could have met him. I think we would have had so much fun together. It sounds like he was as mischievous as I am. So, this is for my granddad in Heaven. Oh, by the way, Mommy, Daddy and I just want you to know how proud we are of the work you do for DragonBoat Beaufort. It’s so important to so many people.
    Love, Olivia

  2. Frances Clark donated 30.00 :In memory of our Dad, Jack Clark and our brother Michael Clark. You go Sissy!!!

  3. Tracey Georgino donated 200.00 :I’m dedicating this to all the hard work I know DBB does for the community!
    Also to Amanda Dunn a great friend.

  4. Johnny McGrath donated 50.00 :In memory of Ellen Lewis McGrath – go get ’em Dar Dar!!

  5. Kathy Potash donated 50.00 :In memory of my dear friends Kathy Driesbach and Witold Perlinski.
    Forever in my heart!

  6. Cynthia Clarkson donated 100.00 :In memory of Uncle Jack and cousins, Michael and Connie, who our family lost too early to cancer or it’s complications. We are so proud of Darlene’s commitment to this wonderful cause. May God bless all dragon boat race day participants and volunteers!

    Jim and Cindy Clarkson

  7. Darlene McGrath donated 50.00 :To Jack Clark my Dad, and Michael Clark my brother, who both lost the battle to cancer.