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Angie Calhoun

I have been paddling with DragonBoat Beaufort since 2012. I strongly support DBB’s mission of providing financial assistance to cancer patients as needed. Also, being a cancer survivor , I know first hand that the physical activity of paddling and the fellowship of teammates offers so much to one’s healthy state of mind.

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  1. Cheryl Lopanik donated 1000.00 :Angie is a very dear friend of mine. Actually, in 1985, I started working for her at TCL. As our friendship has continued, I’ve always found her to be a wonderful person as well as a dedicated educator. I’m pleased that she has worked so hard on the Dragonboat project, which I find to be a very worthy cause. I am glad to donate to the charity.

  2. Joy Smith donated 50.00 :Good luck to all Dragonboat participants in memory of those who have passed from cancer.

  3. Owen and Patsy Hand donated 50.00 :In honor of Angie Calhoun for her dedication to this and many other worthy causes.

  4. Margaret Dale donated 50.00 :To all my friends who have died, those who are suffering and those who have survived cancer.