Update Jun 7

Hello Captains–

It’s June!! The countdown is on — less than 3 weeks until Raceday! Where’s all the teams we’ve had in the past? We miss you & we NEED you! And this year it’s easier than ever — no paddling, no fees, no practices, no pressure!

As you know, canceling Raceday in 2020 meant no additional funds for our Outreach Mission, yet we still helped over 60 patients. This year we’ve assisted a little under 50 already! In order to continue at this rate we truly need your help fundraising.

Reaching out to family, friends, coworkers, neighbors will build a team in no time flat! Start your team today, spread the word! With your help in donations we’ll be able to assist more cancer patients & make a difference in their lives.

Keep in mind the top fundraising team will receive free registration for Raceday 2022! The top 3 teams also get a prime spot in the park next year. Remember, we mentioned prizes in our last Update!?! A team gathering to celebrate your accomplishment, where food for the group will be provided.

We’ll be looking for you & your team on the Raceday website!

We’re counting on you & your support!
Darlene & Chris

Update May 13

Hi Team Captains,


If you haven’t already been there, the RACEDAY WEBSITE is up & running !!!




Time to sign up, log in, start a team & get folks to join your team!  8 weeks until “Virtual Raceday” so plenty of time for all of the above and, most importantly, getting donations for you & your teams.


If anyone is not familiar with one of our reasons for being, here is a link to a great article in the January 2021 edition of Beaufort Lifestyle Magazine highlighting Dragonboat Beaufort and our OUTREACH mission ……….. https://beaufortlifestyle.com/2020/12/31/dragonboat-beaufort/

Please share with everyone!


As mentioned in the previous update there will be PRIZES for the top 3 fundraising teams (Hint: food is involved). In addition, the top team will receive free registration for 2022’s Raceday; the top 3 teams will also get the choice spots in the park to pitch their tents for that day.


As always, feel free to email us with questions, comments, concerns.

Looking forward to seeing your teams on the website!


Darlene & Chris


The COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic is a fast moving situation that is changing on a daily basis. It has affected all our lives, especially social gatherings and events.

DragonBoat Beaufort is monitoring the situation through notices from both local and state governments. Ensuring the safety of our members and event participants is a top priority.

At this time we plan on holding the Dragon Boat Races on June 27 as scheduled. We are continually monitoring the situation and will provide updates as and when they are available.

DragonBoat Beaufort relies on donations to support our mission of helping local cancer patients and Dragon Boat Race Day is our primary fundraiser. You can support our organization at any time by clicking on the “Donate Now” link and making a general donation to the DragonBoat Beaufort Fund.

We extend our best wishes to you and your loved ones during this difficult time.

The Dragon Boat Race Day team.

Welcome Captains

Hello 2021 Captains and Paddlers!!

We have wonderful news to share!  “Save The Date, 6/26/21

Yesssss…. We are going to race this year, but with a twist–


This year’s RaceDay will be a little different, but the mission is still the same.  It will be a cyber-friendly fundraiser hosted online to raise crucial dollars needed for DBB’s Outreach Program.

2013 brought us our 1st Annual DragonBoat RaceDay, and now 2021 will be our 1st Virtual DragonBoat RaceDay.

No, it will not be the same as being on the river at Waterfront Park paddling & cheering your team on, but we can do this!  Are you up for the challenge???

Here’s another twist — we can have as many teams as we want, create new teams, unlimited amounts people on an existing team, and they can come from anywhere in the World!

Our goal is to get as many people on board (Ha! Get it? Virtually on board a boat) to build our Outreach Program funds.

RaceDay 2020 was a wash out, yet DBB continued to help over 65 Cancer patients who live, work, or received treatments in Beaufort County.  Remember, CANCER DOESN’T TAKE A DAY OFF!

Soooo……. Calling all paddlers and welcome to the new “Virtual RaceDay 2021”. Let’s start chatting now to family, friends, neighbors and co-workers from all over.

Our new website will be up and working by the first week of April.  And yes, if you had an existing team from last year you must re-register this year.  The Dragon is back! Yes, the same Dragon that traveled across the website showing fundraising progress.

Oh, and did we mention incentives??? Stay tuned for prizes!

We will be in contact monthly to keep you updated.


Your Team Coordinators,

Darlene McGrath & Chris Jones