213 Replies to “Join a Team”

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  80. Thank you for adding the bio for Holy City Silver Dragons. I have logged in and am attempting to join this pre-paid team, but having no luck. Help, pls?

  81. I have registered; however, when I try to join my team the Awakened Dragons team is not showing in the drop down list when I try to checkout and complete the registration.

  82. It shows I have 2 orders, one for 2 and one for 1. There is and should be only 1. I thought I joined Swamp Dragons but I have no confirmation and cannot view the Swamp Dragon team. Sorry, but this process seems a little wonky. Please advise correction and next steps. Nancy Stills

      1. Hi there. .I have people that want to donate to me.. and when they are on my page.. and donate. my name doesn’t pop up in the drop down box. can this be fixed? thank you

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