PadaWan Dons

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Celadon Club Wellness Center of Lady's Island is excited to announce our team for the 2017 Dragonboat Race; the Padawan Dons! Padawans are known as "learners & apprentices that train in a classroom type setting in a group under their instructor/teacher." Our team is comprised of members, instructors & friends of Celadon Club that are eager to have fun on the water while raising money for a cause that is close to many. At Celadon, our community revolves around a culture of wellness & we believe it is the key to good health! We encourage everyone to come out & support those that are fighting Cancer, have lost a friend/loved one, or for a survivor.

Total Raised: $342.00

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CaptainAlvin Simmons$117.00star
PaddlerAlison Senna$80.00
PaddlerAmanda Emery$0.00
PaddlerBill Patterson$50.00
PaddlerDebbie Oakley$0.00
PaddlerDerek Chisholm$0.00
PaddlerGarry Tossing$0.00
PaddlerJache Stait$0.00
PaddlerMartha Mcduff$0.00
PaddlerSarah Hankey$0.00
PaddlerTim moore$0.00
PaddlerVicki Mix$0.00
PaddlerVicki Mix$95.00
PaddlerVicki Mix$0.00
PaddlerWesley Pope$0.00
PaddlerYogi O'Connell$0.00