BMH Spittin Fireball

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Beaufort Memorial Hospital is pleased to introduce this year's Dragon boat Team, Spittin Fireball. We have a few veterans, some newbies, and a boat full of paddlers excited to get back out there! We are humbled by such a wonderful event and look forward to giving back to our community by participating in the race. See you in the water!

Total Raised: $30.00

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CaptainAmy Mulnix$10.00star
Paddler Brandon Whalen$0.00
PaddlerAMBER MOORE$0.00
PaddlerAllison Coppage$0.00
PaddlerBLAKE MOORE$0.00
PaddlerChristian Allen$0.00
PaddlerDebbie Slazyk$0.00
PaddlerDerek Skinner $0.00
PaddlerEthan Howell$0.00
PaddlerKatherine Rabasco$0.00
PaddlerKatie Howell$0.00
PaddlerKelly Guerrero$0.00
PaddlerKelly McCombs$10.00star
PaddlerLea Cifranick$0.00
PaddlerMary Scott$0.00
PaddlerMatt Hanks$0.00
PaddlerMissy Dawson$0.00
PaddlerNikki Olson-Hanks$0.00
PaddlerRobert Carver$0.00
PaddlerRuben Guerrero$0.00
PaddlerRussell Baxley$10.00star
PaddlerTimothy Devine$0.00
Paddlervivian carver$0.00