Brawn & Bling

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I am so excited to announce the first year launch of Brawn and Bling, inspired by the wonderful company I represent, Touchstone Crystal by Swarovski as an Independent Consultant!! My name is Sharon Browne and I have been with Touchstone and also a member of Dragonboat Beaufort for 3 years!!!! Through this business and the help of wonderful hostesses we were able to donate $2500.00 to Dragonboat Beaufort in 2016!!! This team is a mixed group of men and women that see a need to support this giving and meaningful organization. Many of us have been touched personally with those we love affected and some lost by cancer. Through my experiences with all of the amazing and brave survivors and supporters of Dragonboat Beaufort, I can't wait to share this experience with my team and to spread the word of DBB and all they are and offer!!! I am blessed and grateful for this opportunity and thank you team for coming together for this wonderful cause!!!!

Total Raised: $2065.00

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CaptainSharon Browne$600.00star
DrummerBeth Boulware$50.00
PaddlerCarla Pitts$80.00
PaddlerCaroline Welliver$100.00
PaddlerChris Hunt$50.00
PaddlerConnie Holler-Martel$50.00
PaddlerDON BROWNE$50.00
PaddlerDarla Gwaltney$50.00
PaddlerDon Browne$230.00
PaddlerDylan Taylor$150.00
PaddlerJennifer Hunt$50.00
PaddlerKerri Browne$120.00
PaddlerLinley Taylor$50.00
PaddlerLoren Pedlar$55.00
PaddlerRon Bennett$50.00
PaddlerSarah Rhoads$50.00
PaddlerTravis Boulware$50.00
PaddlerTravis Pedlar$50.00
PaddlerVirginia McCann$30.00
PaddlerZach McDougall$150.00