Tidal Creek Turtles

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The Tidal Creek Turtles are composed of a group of friends from Tidal Creek Church who have had close friends and family impacted by cancer in the past year. We are here to support cancer survivors and raise money for those cancer patients in our community. And we are all up for a good challenge- don't be fooled by our name :)

Total Raised: $1604.00

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CaptainSarah Folzenlogen$390.00star
PaddlerCasey Stauffer$50.00
PaddlerCathy Keuo$50.00
PaddlerChance Lasher$50.00
PaddlerCheri Lasher$50.00
PaddlerDan Algert$0.00
PaddlerDiane Smith$138.00
PaddlerDick Mcsween$50.00
PaddlerDwight Smith$100.00
PaddlerJanie Lackman$50.00
PaddlerJudy Kinnard$50.00
PaddlerLaura Smith$50.00
PaddlerMichael Chambers$38.00
PaddlerNena Mcsween$50.00
PaddlerNicole Folzenlogen$50.00
PaddlerRick Keup$50.00
PaddlerRobert Lasher$200.00
PaddlerSteven Kinnard$138.00
Paddlerron veitel$50.00