Charlotte Fury

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Charlotte Fury was formed in 2007, with crew largely from Charlotte and nearby towns. The team is part of the Charlotte Dragon Boat Association who organized the first Dragon Boat event in the Carolinas in 2006. Our membership is a balance mix of both male and female crew from a broad ethnic origin. Our club goals are to promote community building and to develop Dragon Boat racing into a premier recreational and competition event in the region. The "CDBA Gold" and "CDBA Blue" teams are development teams of Charlotte Fury to enhance the skills and further the interest of Dragon Boat racing to our new paddlers.

Total Raised: $50.00

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CaptainKim Wong$50.00star
PaddlerALVIN LEE$0.00
PaddlerAndre Novaes$0.00
PaddlerAndre Novaes$0.00
PaddlerAndrea B. Horvath$0.00
PaddlerAngela Ho$0.00
PaddlerBernadette Lee$0.00
PaddlerBrian Tarle$0.00
PaddlerCrystal Clemente$0.00
PaddlerDarin Hume$0.00
PaddlerDebbie Lehman$0.00
PaddlerDiane Hancock$0.00
PaddlerELIZA TSE$0.00
PaddlerGilbert Ho$0.00
PaddlerKen Horvath$0.00
PaddlerLisa Grodevant$0.00
PaddlerMarcy Badertscher$0.00
PaddlerMichael New$0.00
PaddlerRichard Migdalski$0.00
PaddlerRick Fairweather$0.00
PaddlerTiffany Chico-Migdalski$0.00
Paddlerharold thomas$0.00
Paddlerharold thomas$0.00