Thunderstruck II

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In 2016 Lockheed Martin employees, family, friends and Marines from right here in Beaufort, SC joined together in their first Dragonboat Beaufort Raceday. This year the drum beats louder as Team Thunderstruck II gathers to train, compete, educate and raise money for activities in support the Dragon Boat Beaufort’s cancer survivor teams. Our Lockheed Martin team takes pride in doing what's right, respecting others and performing with excellence. What better way to express this than to help create excitement and awareness in the community for outreach cancer survivor programs.

Total Raised: $2522.00

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CaptainEric Maravilla$198.00
PaddlerBrandon Dill$63.00
PaddlerBrian Sheldon$63.00
PaddlerBrian Bailes$63.00
PaddlerBrian Gibson$50.00
PaddlerCasey Madden$88.00
PaddlerChristopher Menjares$38.00
PaddlerCliff Mrkvicka$138.00
PaddlerCody Gentry$38.00
PaddlerDon Sampson$408.00star
PaddlerGriffin Siegel$200.00
PaddlerHipolito Maldonado$0.00
PaddlerJake Alvarez$203.00
PaddlerJason Rios$288.00
PaddlerJill Sheldon$73.00
PaddlerJordan Midgley$38.00
PaddlerKinsey Olson$158.00
PaddlerMarco Lopez$38.00
PaddlerMichael Moore$125.00
PaddlerOscar Alvarez$88.00
PaddlerTommy Madden$88.00
PaddlerVincent Midgley$38.00
PaddlerWayne Gray$38.00
Paddlerdennis perkins$0.00