Beaufort Believers

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Team Biography This is our first year as a team!! We are a group composed of YMCA Kick Boxers, Pleasant Point Golf Club Golfers, Bladden Street Tennis players, neighbors, and friends. Some of us are cancer surivors! "We Believe, We Can Make A Difference"

Total Raised: $3884.00

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CaptainTerri Jones$380.00
PaddlerAmy Fallon$100.00
PaddlerBarbara Ettl$0.00
PaddlerBryan Sink$160.00
PaddlerCarissa Kane$50.00
PaddlerChristopher Beere$0.00
PaddlerDaniel Fallon$200.00
PaddlerDarlene Mcgrath$1210.00star
PaddlerJennifer Carver$50.00
PaddlerJudi Wiggins$50.00
PaddlerKerry Lochen$20.00
PaddlerMaryAnn Sink$670.00
PaddlerMelanie Meersman$50.00
PaddlerMelanie Stevens$50.00
PaddlerPatrick Carver$50.00
PaddlerRich Barreto$444.00
PaddlerSteve Meersman$50.00
PaddlerWendy Huston$50.00
Paddlerterri ely$300.00