Team Captain Responsibilities

Patriotically dressed drummer


A dragon boat team is comprised of 20 paddlers and a drummer. You will be racing three times on Race Day. You may want to recruit a couple of extra paddlers as stand-ins.

Ask your friends, work colleagues, neighbors and family to join you. Remember the number one priority is to have FUN!

Just like the sport of Dragon boat racing, working together - synchronization - is critical to team success. We are relying on you to marshall the resources of your individual team members so that they work together to raise money to continue to support the vision and mission of Dragonboat Beaufort. It is important that each paddler does their share to contribute to the success of the team - both in fundraising, and on the water during RaceDay.


What makes your team unique? Maybe you are a group from a business or organization, maybe a group of friends or cancer survivors. Pick a theme that best represents your team. Use the theme to design a team T-shirt, outfit your drummer (the more outrageous the better) and decorate your tent on race day. Prizes will be awarded to the most original teams.

You can customize your team page to reflect your theme. New team members will be added to the team page as they sign up. Remember to keep your team bio current. We will be using it in the Race Day guide.


We will be sending out emails on a regular basis with important updates. Keep on the look out for them, and be sure to check that emails from are not going to your spam folder.

You can also follow our event page on facebook.


Let the world know what you are doing! Share your team page on Facebook.