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I hope I don\’t offend anyone with my silly profile picture. That hat is part of my costume as the drummer for the Shark Attack Dragon boat team. I know…what were they thinking choosing me to beat the drum that keeps the paddlers in sync???
Now for the serious part . We have all unfortunately been touched by cancer, some more than others. It\’s such a terrifying word that no one wants to hear.
Dragon Boats of Beaufort raises money for cancer patients that live, work or receive treatment in Beaufort County. They are a fund of the Community Foundation of the Lowcountry. A 501.(C) 3 non profit corporation. Donations are tax deductible as allowed by law. They help with many things health insurance doesn\’t or can\’t. Things like rent or mortgage payments, utility bills, medications, helping to provide transportation to treatments and more . These are problems for patients that I never thought about but that makes sense. You\’re battling for your life and most likely you may not be able to work, so where is money coming from to take care of these bills? This is where your generous donation can help. I\’m not asking for a specific amount, whatever anyone can donate will be very much appreciated.
I hope after this event there will be a lot of cancer patients that will benefit from the money raised and will be able to just focus on the fight to survive cancer. Thank you all

14 Replies to “Linda Parsons”

  1. Charlene Pinheiro donated 30.00 :Linda! Be the best drummer evaaaaaa! 🦈🦈🦈🦈

  2. Sandra Pinheiro donated 50.00 :Thanks for being our drummer! Make us proud!

  3. Janet watkins donated 50.00 :Love this! Hope you and the teams participating have a great event!

  4. Patrick Parsons donated 50.00 :In memory of Lynn Parsons, who fought off squamous cell carcinoma and multiple myeloma before being overwhelmed by leukemia.

  5. Lynn A Lisy Macan donated 50.00 :Best wishes to you and your team…such a great cause! 💕

  6. Kathleen McNeal donated 50.00 :This is for my dad, a grandmother and grandfather, several aunts and uncles who died from cancer, and for a good friend who recently beat cancer.