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Ginny Beckenhaupt

12 Replies to “Ginny Beckenhaupt”

  1. Stephanie Abbott donated 50.00 :This is in memory of my Dad and Jims two sisters – Carolyn & Lillian

  2. Jane Randolph donated 50.00 :For my sister, father, aunts and so many others.

  3. Colleen Coyle donated 50.00 :For my sister that just got the All Clear!

  4. Paula Lowe donated 100.00 :To my dear friend Ginny – who has fought and won more health battles than most of us will ever face!

  5. Linda Shaffer donated 50.00 :For the people I love who are presently dealing with cancer now and for those who are cancer survivors.

  6. Julie Ganger-Cook donated 25.00 :Thank you for participating in this great charity. Julie and Dave.

  7. Tim Martini donated 200.00 :Ginny we applaud your efforts for this cause. You are my hero with all you’ve been through. Best of luck to you and your team. Please take care and be safe.


    Tim and Bonnie Martini